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Benefit One is based in Jakarta, Indonesiaestablished in 2014.
We do consulting for your employees welfare and compensation system. Also we support user matching for e-commerce , retail business , and services to acquire new clients and increase sales.
Our mission is to find the issue quickly and provide hint or tool for business growth from the many clients’ achievements at Japan.

Working is pleasure
Working makes not only other people happy but also makes you happy too. The tool to be happy is “Working”.
Do a little device what is taken for granted
A little device will create a new thing. Idea is a seed of innovation. Spread a lot of seeds and bear ripen fruits.
Creating services which contribute to the society
Have to think how well we are contributing to the society. No contribution to the society no success.

Provide you a new tool to maintain the staffs’ motivation. It’s suitable for the rate of people leaving their jobs or problem of the productivity. Consultation about customer acquisition is welcomed too.

We will deliver new information like event information, press release, and so on.

We are recruiting new members who pioneer the future with us.