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Reward Anyone,
Anywhere, Anytime

Addressing all your incentive needs, our rich & relevant rewards marketplace is available across a wide range of categories to appeal to all lifestyles. Leverage SPUR to enhance user acquisition, retention and engagement in alignment with your corporate goals. SPUR can be easily integrated to your existing platform through rewards APIs, distributed via our web dashboard, or held in a digital wallet – without the need to download another app.

The perfect solution to your incentivisation goals across multiple geographies. SPUR on!

Accessing SPUR

Available across multiple geographies, SPUR can be accessed in 3 simple ways.

01 Rewards Connect

Seamlessly connect your platform to our marketplace using our rewards APIs/SDK.

02 Rewards Distribute

Easily send rewards via WhatsApp, Email or SMS using our platform.

03 Rewards Credit

Continuously engage your users via rewards and reward credits with our user wallet.

SPUR Capabilities

B2B Incentives • Customer Loyalty Incentives • Sales/Employee Rewards

Depth & Breadth of Reward Suite

Extensive rewards (>1,000 reward partners) across 6 categories. Tailored to your business goals and constantly refreshed to suit evolving lifestyles.

Customizable & Personalizable Reward Program

Power ad-hoc rewards or build long-term relationships with your end users. Ensure full user flexibility to earn credits & redeem rewards based on their preferences through Rewards Credit.

Holistic Reward Management

Intuitive features to enable reward selection, real-time inventory checks, bulk/individual reward sending and tracking.

Ease of Integration/Deployment & End-User Access

3 easy ways to access our reward marketplace through our rewards API, distribution dashboard or digital wallet. No additional app download is required by the end-user.

Redemption Analytics

Tweak your engagement based on user redemption patterns & preferences through interactive dashboards in near real-time.

Targeting and Promotion

Support thematic campaigns (e.g. Christmas, New Year) and company sponsored events. Group premium customers for special rewards.

Number of Users
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