Digital Solution Services for Your Business from Benefit One Indonesia

Layanan Solusi Digital untuk Bisnis Anda dari Benefit One Indonesia

One of the advantages of this digital era for your business is the existence of digital solution services. One of them is the One-Stop Loyalty and Reward Service from Benefit One Indonesia. Reward Service from Benefit One Indonesia.

The digital solution services provided by Benefit One Indonesia will help you create change by providing the best service and attractive reward programs to each customer.

Here is a further explanation of the services offered by Benefit One Indonesia.

About Benefit One Indonesia

Benefit One is a leading business solutions provider established in 1996 in Japan. Our company offers a variety of services to help your business grow.

Such as; employee benefits, incentive points, outsourcing service providers, gifts, digital rewards, and many more. Benefit One Indonesia’s digital platform is supported in each channel by customizing rewards according to local country conditions. This is to provide a unique experience for its users.

Then, in 2014, Benefit One arrived in Indonesia. Until now, we have been a leading and trusted provider of digital solutions for customers.

Not only that, but we also carry values that reflect who Benefit One Indonesia is, not what we want to be. These values are celebrating, empowering, prudence, resilience, learning and growing, solution-oriented, and trust.

Why Benefit One Indonesia?

Our complete digital solution service is not only present in Indonesia but in 21 countries around the world. Currently, Benefit One has 180 customers with 1,000 merchant partners, generating 80% engagement from 500,000 users and successfully awarding 15 million points annually.

Benefit One Indonesia is here to provide a digital incentive program that meets your business needs. Helping to build customer loyalty, encourage sales teams, increase employee and customer engagement, and provide diverse reward solutions and options.

In addition, Benefit One Indonesia has experience working with large multinational companies to meet their loyalty needs. We also have experts in API, SDK, and PWA integration, in handling rewards administration and inventory, as well as an IT team experienced in technology development and account management.

You can also have access to the Benefit One Marketplace Regional network, and all queries and support needed will be fully handled by us.

Our One-Stop Loyalty and Reward Service will enhance your company’s branding and culture. We invite you to recognize and engage with internal and external customers. Supported with more knowledge and insights about customers.

So that later you can give the most appropriate award or reward to them. In other words, Benefit One Indonesia invites you to engage, recognize, reward, and enhance your brand.

One-Stop Loyalty and Reward Service from Benefit One Indonesia

Benefit One Indonesia is here to provide a One-Stop Stop Digital Reward solution with several supporting applications. Such as:


CERRA POINTS is an application that provides SaaS solutions for employee loyalty and incentives to your customers or business partners. Through this application, Benefit One Indonesia offers a large selection of prizes that can be exchanged for points.


SPUR is Benefit One Indonesia’s reward marketplace application. It can be easily integrated into your existing platform via an API. It is then distributed through our web platform or stored in a digital wallet without the need to download or use third-party applications.

Flexible Solutions

Lastly, there is Flexible Solutions, an application that can provide flexible solution services. The services we provide can be tailored to the needs of individuals, employees, customers, and channels following company goals. Are you looking for a digital reward system? Get unlimited loyalty and rewards by using our app. What are you waiting for? You can contact us via WhatsApp or click here to schedule a demo with our marketing team now!