Maximizing 12 Email Marketing Functions for Business

Memaksimalkan Fungsi Email Marketing untuk Bisnis Anda

Email marketing is not only used to develop businesses; there is more to it than that. It is true that in business, email can be the most effective marketing strategy.

But have you maximized the function of email marketing for business? If not, in this article we will discuss how important email marketing is, its types and functions, and how to maximize it.

Definition of Email Marketing

In general, email marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending emails to your existing and potential customers. The goal is to increase brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, get leads, and make sales.

Simply put, email marketing is sending emails to customers and potential customers. Email can connect your business with customers more closely, so the marketing strategy can work.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with customers. Did you know that there are currently more than four billion email users worldwide?

Even effective use of email marketing can generate an ROI (Return on Investment) greater than the marketing costs incurred. That way, you can save money.

Not only that, but email marketing can also help you gain customer loyalty. In the world of online marketing, email is one of the tools that has low cost and effective results to engage customers and increase sales.

Types of Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing can beat other digital marketing strategies? This is because emails can reach more target audiences and go directly to customers’ inboxes.

Many types of email marketing are divided based on their purpose and intent. Some of them are:

Promotional Emails

Promotional email is a type of email marketing that contains information about new or upcoming products and/or services, product promotions, and other information about your business offerings.

In practice, promotional emails are addressed to the general public equally or generally. The goal is to create brand awareness, introduce businesses, and launch products and/or services.

Generally, this promotional email contains a CTA or call to action, that invites customers to take certain actions. Such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a certain page, and others.


Of course, you’re familiar with this type of email marketing, right? It’s a newsletter that gives you certain information. You can maximize this function to share insights, opinions, tips, or anything else that provides value or benefits to customers.

The content of this information email can also be filled by articles, blogs, or some customer reviews that can maximize its purpose. Generally, this email marketing is also equipped with a CTA or call to action.

Welcome Email

Next, there is a welcome email intended for new customers in your business. The goal is to introduce the products and/or services of your business. Usually, the contents of this email marketing are some of the best offers or promotions.

Such as discounts, shopping vouchers, digital rewards, membership programs, and others. The advantage of this type of email marketing is that you can find out who is a potential customer and who can potentially become a loyal customer.

Re-engagement Email

Re-engagement email is a type of email marketing that allows you to communicate with customers again. For example, when there are customers who have not been active in the membership program for a long time, you can use this email to ask them.

Email Survey

Feedback from customers is needed for the continuity of your business. In business, you can maximize this survey email to ask for their opinion. On the other hand, this type of email marketing can increase customer satisfaction.

Because of emails like this, customers feel like they are valued when you ask for their opinion. Use this data to continuously improve product quality, service, and business evaluation.

Seasonal Email

Lastly, there is a type of email marketing known as seasonal marketing emails. Usually, this email is sent when there is a certain event. Such as holiday celebrations, school holidays, your business anniversary celebrations, and various other events.

The Function of Email Marketing

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy to promote products and/or services. In addition, there are many functions of email marketing that you can use. Among them are:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Drive high-quality traffic to your website
  3. Nurture your relationship with customers
  4. Build trust and credibility with your audience
  5. Increasing sales conversions
  6. Enables customers to engage in all expected actions
  7. Communicate with customers
  8. Getting closer to customers
  9. Builds customer loyalty
  10. Increases the retention rate
  11. Generates repeat sales
  12. Attract new customers

Tips for Maximizing Email Marketing Functions

If you can maximize the function of email marketing properly and effectively, this can help you get a lot of engagement from existing customers, attract new customers, and achieve marketing goals.

But in fact, marketing campaigns carried out using email marketing must be based on a strategic plan, relevant messages, and time.

Here are some tips to maximize the function of email marketing for your business. Among them are:

Create Interesting Email Subjects

The first tip to maximize email marketing is to create an interesting email subject. This can attract the customer’s attention enough to make them open the email. Make sure the email content is also interesting enough and follows your promotional objectives so that it can encourage customers to follow the requested CTA.

Organized Email Structure

Sending email marketing messages should not be arbitrary. The email structure must also be considered. Make sure you organize the content of the message effectively so that customers can clearly understand the intent and purpose of email marketing. In addition, try to use a simple email design.

Based on the results of the research, the average time it takes someone to read an email is 10 seconds. So you have to maximize that time with organized and clear content.

Don’t Send Email Marketing Too Often

The next tip to maximize email marketing is not to send emails too often. Make sure you send it only when you need it. Don’t bombard your customers’ inboxes with dozens of emails. This will make them cancel their subscription or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

When you use an email marketing strategy, it’s all about timing. If you send emails at the right time, it can increase customer engagement and meet marketing goals.

Pay Attention to Applicable Regulations

In sending email marketing, some regulations apply. Make sure you understand them so that the email sent is not considered a scam, phishing, or other form of fraud.

Several regulations can be used as a reference for sending email marketing. Such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States, Canada’s Anti-Spam Act, and the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR in the European Union.

Collect All the Data You Get

One of the advantages of email marketing is being able to receive data on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns regularly. This can certainly be an insight into taking a more efficient approach to reach more target audiences.

By maximizing this email marketing, you can conduct tests that can help improve the performance of the entire marketing campaign. So that later you can be more efficient in sending emails to customers.

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