5 Customer Satisfaction Factors You Need to Pay Attention to

Faktor Kepuasan Pelanggan

It can be said that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in the continuity of your business. Customers who are satisfied with your products and/or services have a great potential to make repeat purchases and can stay for a long time.

Not only that, but those who are satisfied can also bring in new customers and various other benefits. Therefore, as a businessman, you must pay attention to customer satisfaction factors. Check out the full explanation below.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned above, the customer satisfaction factor is the key to success in your business journey and development. Satisfied customers can bring many benefits, while dissatisfied or disappointed customers can bring losses.

Apart from that, satisfied customers have the potential to become loyal. This is because they have found a sense of security, comfort, and satisfaction in the products and/or services you provide. So your brand already has its own place in their hearts.

But that doesn’t mean you can rest easy when you have loyal customers. Did you know that loyal customers can move away if you don’t pay attention to the customer satisfaction factor? Therefore, even though you already have loyal customers, it’s good to keep paying attention and fulfill their needs and satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Factors

There are several customer satisfaction factors that you need to know in order to provide more for them. Some of them are:

Product Quality

The first customer satisfaction factor is product quality. Nowadays, technology and knowledge continue to develop every day. Likewise, the market needs to continue to grow. If the products and/or services you offer remain the same and do not evolve, then this will not provide high value for customers.

You need to innovate your products and/or services. A high-quality product and/or service can fulfill customer satisfaction. This is the reason why product quality is one of the customer satisfaction factors that must be considered.

Service Quality

Not only product quality is important, but another factor that affects customer satisfaction that you need to pay attention to is service quality. This means that you have to balance the quality of the product with the service provided. They will always have questions regarding the products and/or services purchased.

If you can win the hearts of customers with good service quality, then they will feel satisfied and will certainly give positive reviews as well. Of course, this is very good for the continuity of your business, right?


The third customer satisfaction factor is the price offered. But what you need to pay attention to is that the price must be balanced with the quality of the product. If these two things are inversely proportional, then customers can move on to other products and/or services.

You can start determining the selling price of the products and/or services offered by doing research on competitors. Then calculate all production costs, prices of goods, and projected profits.

Ease of Getting Products and/or Services

The next factor in customer satisfaction is the ease of obtaining products and/or services. Simply put, when customers can easily get access to the desired products and/or services, this can increase satisfaction. Conversely, if they find it difficult to get it, then their level of satisfaction will decrease.

After Sales Service

The last thing you shouldn’t miss is after-sales service. In this case, you must still reach out to customers even though they have completed the buying and selling transaction process. You can ask about their level of satisfaction with the products and/or services purchased and more.

Take advantage of this customer satisfaction factor to provide rewards or loyalty programs to bind their loyalty. This is where you have to maintain a business connection with your customers so that the business continues to grow and can bring other benefits.

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