Incentive Point

This incentive digital point award program is a solution, innovation and motivation for companies in the development of technology for providing incentives and/or prizes for employees, distributors and customers. The point award program offers several advantages in it such as, the name of the point award program that can be adjusted to your wishes, digital …

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What are Communication Skills, and Why are They Important?

We’re communicating any time we transfer information from one place to another via voice, written words, visuals, or non-verbal gestures. And we use our communication skills in a variety of ways in our personal and professional lives, in conversations, emails and written documents, presentations, and visuals like graphics or charts.  Communication skills are essential, especially …

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5 Real-Time Customer Engagement Strategies

Statistics show that businesses with robust omnichannel customer engagement strategies report an 89% boost in customer retention compared to those with weak omnichannel strategies. Also, effective customer engagement contributes to up to two-thirds of a firm’s profit. Consequently, many companies are prioritizing real-time customer engagement to ensure success and survival. More than half of Benefits …

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