End User VS Consumer & Tips For Making Their Products

Pengertian End User, Perbedaannya dengan Consumer & Tips Membuat Produknya

In business, there is the term end user, which refers to the consumer of a product and/or service. Generally, this term is used when a businessman wants to determine his target audience.

However, the fact is that not all business people understand what end users are and how to create products that are suitable for them. Let’s discuss more about the term below.

Definition of End User

An end user is a consumer who uses a product and/or service and often has some knowledge or understanding that is unique to the consumer.

Generally, this term is used to distinguish between consumers who buy and consumers who use products and/or services that are involved in the production stage. Such as design, development, and production.

To create successful products and/or services, businesses must look at their usefulness for the needs of end users. The goal is to achieve or produce something previously impossible.

For example, your business is in the home industry. In this case, you must look at how consumers reach the products and/or services offered. That is, you have to see how end users access data and information to get what they want.

Later, you can analyze what to improve, what to reduce, and what needs to be developed based on the data from the end user.

In other words, an end user plays an important role in how you run and improve your business. But the thing to note is that end users don’t always buy the products and/or services you offer, but eventually, they will use them.

End User VS Customer

It’s different with customers. They will make purchases of the products and/or services you offer but will not necessarily use them.

For example, you have an electrical store that sells lamps of various kinds. Then, there is a grocery store that wants to buy your product because of the offer or marketing process carried out. However, the owner of the grocery store does not use it. Instead, it will be resold to consumers.

In this case, the grocery store owner is your customer. However, customers who buy lights from the grocery store are end users.

Tips for Making Products for End Users

There are several tips that you can apply to create products aimed at end users. The goal is to develop the products and/or services that you offer.

Some of them are:

Make Sure You Know the User’s Needs.

The first tip for creating products for end users is to know their needs. In this case, you can do market research to collect as much data as possible. Later, you can use this data as insight to develop products and/or services.

The thing you need to pay attention to is to make sure that with every piece of data collected, you also provide a solution. So that later, the products and/or services you offer can easily compete in the industrial market.

Conduct Several Product and/or Service Tests

Next, you can conduct several tests on the products and/or services offered. The goal is to find out whether what you offer can meet the needs and provide solutions that match user satisfaction.

Don’t launch your product without testing it first. From this test, you can see how users try the products and/or services developed.

Collect Reviews or Feedback

The third tip for making products for end users is to collect reviews or feedback from them. The goal is to evaluate, improve, and enhance the product and/or service. So that later, what you offer can immediately attract attention and increase market needs.

Ways that you can do this, such as collecting data from surveys, interviews, social messaging, email marketing, and others. Collect all the data to gain insight into product and/or service development. Sometimes, you can even get new ideas or innovations from this data.

Creating User Personas

The last step is to create a user persona. In this case, you must position yourself as an end user who will use the product and/or service. So that you can better know whether what is offered is in accordance with the wishes of the user, or vice versa.

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