7 Ways To Maintain Business Connections With Customers

Menjaga Koneksi Bisnis dengan Pelanggan

Maintaining business connections with customers is one of the most important things that every businessman should pay attention to. Why? Because this can help keep your business alive and growing.

Of course, you’ve heard the term a happy customer is the best strategy, right? Therefore, you must always maintain business connections with customers. How can you do that? Check out the full explanation below!

The Importance of Maintaining Business Connections with Customers

A business can be said to be successful and great if it can maintain business connections with its customers in the long run. You must ensure that customers are satisfied and their needs are met. So that they can recommend the products and/or services you provide to others.

In other words, sustainable and loyal customers can have a positive impact and profit for your business. Therefore, maintaining business connections with customers is important. Of course, you want a business that can last a long time, right?

7 Ways To Maintain Business Connections With Customers

Maintaining business connections with customers so that they can be loyal cannot be done in one direction only. This means that you can’t always rely on your customers to buy your products and/or services. Instead, it must be done in two directions.

That is, you also need to give “something” to customers in return for the purchases they make. Here are seven ways to maintain business connections with customers that you need to know. Among them are:


The first way to maintain business connections with customers is by giving rewards. It can be like shopping vouchers, discounts, incentive points, and many more. The goal is to make customers continue to buy the products and/or services you sell.

Build Trust

In running a business, building trust with customers can increase their loyalty. Not only to convince customers that you provide quality products and/or services but also for a sense of security and comfort from customers who want to buy them.

For example, showing reviews about products and/or services, working with influencers who are experts in their fields, building communities, and many more.

Get Closer to Customers

Another way to maintain business connections with customers is to get closer to them. Generally, this can be done by providing a newsletter or welcoming email for new customers. The goal is to keep your business top of mind.

Give Customers Something Beyond Their Expectations

Providing something that exceeds customer expectations can be done by providing more service. This way of maintaining business connections with customers is generally related to customer service or customer relations. If a customer leaves a complaint, it should, as much as possible, be answered on the same day and provide the best solution.

In addition, you must also ensure that customers receive satisfactory and friendly service. That way, your business will gain a place in the hearts of customers.

Listen to Customer Feedback

Feedback is a way to maintain a business connection with customers. It can also increase customer loyalty because they feel valued and helped. It can even be a great way to overcome negative feedback.

Improve Product and/or Service Quality

Every day, technology and knowledge are growing. In order for you to maintain your business connection with your customers, you must also improve the quality of your products. Like doing product innovations and presenting new products and/or services. If you don’t do this, then it is likely that customers will run to competitors.

Offer a Loyalty Program

The last way to maintain business connections with customers is by offering loyalty programs. Like membership, where you can offer various attractive options that can make customers feel benefited. So that they want to join for a long period of time.

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