5 Types of Employee Rewards You Can Give

5 Jenis Reward untuk Karyawan

One way to motivate productivity is to reward employees. By doing this, your employees will feel more valued, and they will feel recognized by the company.

Did you know that employees who do not feel valued by their company will decide to resign? If this happens, your company could have a high turnover rate. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, right?

Therefore, it’s a good idea to reward employees at certain times. Find out more about the types of rewards you can give below!

The Best Time to Reward Employees

In the business industry, maintaining morale is of the utmost importance. It is very important to ensure that all your employees have the desire to continue working for the company. So as to achieve the common goal.

One of the easiest ways is to reward your employees. That way, they will feel happy and can increase productivity.

Then when is the right time to reward employees? Generally, companies have their own policies regarding this matter. For example, when employees or teams successfully meet targets, achieve achievements at events or gatherings, and determine the best employees.

Keep in mind that happy employees can bring benefits to the company. So, there’s nothing wrong with giving rewards to employees, right?

Types of Rewards for Employees

There are several types of rewards that you can give to employees. Some of them are:

Digital Rewards

The first type of reward for employees is digital rewards. Apart from giving physical rewards, you can also give them digitally or electronically. It can be in the form of electronic balances, shopping vouchers, reward points, and others.

For those of you who want to provide digital rewards for employees, Benefit One Indonesia is ready to serve your needs. Benefit One Indonesia will provide a variety of digital gifts. Such as food vouchers, travel, shopping vouchers, health, electronics, precious metals, etc. Of course, giving rewards like this can make your employees happy and feel appreciated.


Next is compensation. This form of reward for employees can be in the form of salary increases, holidays, bonuses, and much more. Some companies also provide shares or profit sharing to their employees. You can determine it depending on the applicable company policy.


To keep your employees motivated to work, you need to reward them. Forms of rewards for employees can include expressing gratitude for their hard work, announcing the achievements of the best employees during meetings, giving certificates of appreciation, and others.


Companies have different forms of appreciation for their employees. Generally, rewards for employees take the form of meal treats, out-of-office activities paid for by the company, celebrations for achievements achieved by employees or teams, and many more. The purpose of giving appreciation is to increase cooperation and work enthusiasm.


One more form of reward for employees that you can give is a gift. The average gift is physical. Such as tumblr, cellphones, tablets, laptops, clothes, and so on. Generally, some of these gifts are given at a certain time, and some are not.

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